Welcome to the NeTorreyis Design Department!
  • Blood Sweat & Tears Poster

    Movie Poster Design

  • Saginaw STEM Shop

    Case study for shop.saginawstem.org

  • Very Fresh T Shirt Shop

    Case study for VeryFreshTshirts.com

  • slickgreedy

    Slick Greedy Site

    Case study for SlickGreedy.com

  • ZOD – Bread Mode Campaign

    Bread Mode Bread Mode is a song by artist ZOD. The song is typically talking about the grind and the hustle of trying to make something out of nothing.  The original cover art which showed a king type of vibe, but also breaking bread with his people. Also created long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies for …

  • NeTorreyis NBA2k24 Kobe Edition

    NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition

    2K COVER As an avid gamer and huge fan of the NBA2K franchise I decided to put my spin on a 2K24 cover featuring the Black Mamba himself.  For NBA 2K23 they took the liberty of making it a tribute to the GOAT himself, number 23 Michael Jordan. This is a play off of that …

  • Dentures Plus

    Dentures Plus was a site we created and also handled the promo material for the company, including brochures, banners, flyers and business cards.

  • Kyle Pitts Falcons

    Created a piece in the fashion of a sports card or a graphic that could be used on a sports show . Background is intentionally a darker setting to leave room to add text to display season stats or other info.

  • Heatt Hair Magazine

    Heatt Hair Magazine For Heatt Hair Magazine I took on the Creative Director role. This role encompassed directing photoshoots and all visual representation in the magazine. Creating ads and other graphics for featured clients. Tools used for this project were primarily Photoshop and INdesign.  Terrance Howard Bald Head Queen Heatt Hair Magazine Heatt Hair Magazine …

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