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    Welcome, I'm NeTorrey McGill thank you for visiting my site. I am a very driven individual. Outside of conventional schooling I have always taken the opportunity to learn new skills and I don't see that stopping anytime soon as technology is an ever-changing landscape. I've spent the last 13+ years as a Telecommunications IT Professional. I've recently taken steps to broaden my IT skillset as I am looking to get into an area of IT that I can work towards retirement. Although I've been in Telecommunications I have also been trained in Healthcare IT and more recently I have taken steps towards a career in Cybersecurity. I am an honest, hard-working and dependable individual currently looking for an opportunity to grow.



    Future Technologies LLC | Suwanee, GA JAN 2018-PRESENT

    My job was to install equipment, load scripts, integrate and configure components of a network in a cell site environment. This includes basebands, routers, switches, fibers, transport and any other connections needed to get the network running and on air. Networks were built using Ericsson, Cisco and Nokia appliances. The configurations varied from site to site. Serviced the entire Georgia market for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile performing LTE/5G upgrades and bandwidth expansion. My duties also included any troubleshooting efforts needed, dealing with connections, scripting and configurations. Analyzed data and corresponded to what was needed to mitigate any issues. It was my responsibility to do performance testing to ensure everything was operating properly according to the baselines that were in place, which included items such as speed testing, RSSI, VSWR and call quality. Routinely used Hyper Terminal (Linux Based Line Command Software) to format drives, load software, configure IP addresses, configure security settings, user names and passwords, load backups etc. Also used Solarwinds and Core SFTP for transferring files. Element Manager and EMGUI (OS) were used for monitoring connections, readings and alarms on the LAN and VLAN once installed on the node. Part of the job was to create closeout packages which contained site related details such as photos, labeling & asset tracking, detailed notes on work performed and any issues that were unresolved or required escalation. Create and respond to trouble tickets when needed and commonly trained techs as well as offering remote support when necessary.

    This scope of work has been pretty much consistent across my Telecommunications IT career outside of varying technologies throughout the years. scroll down to view more detailed descriptions in the attached resumes.



    New Horizons Learning Center

    Orlando, FL

    Comptia Security +, Comptia Network +, Comptia CySA+ and Cisco CCNA

    Light Path Technologies

    Dallas, TX

    Strand Mapping, Blue Beam and Site Surveys

    Mott College

    Flint, MI

    Studied Computer Information Systems, HTML, Visual Basic, C++ and Business Law

    EPIC University

    Madison, WI

    Healthcare IT, EMR, Epic Cadence

  • Certifications


    • Comptia Security +
    • Comptia CySA+
    • OSHA 10
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • CPR
    • Required Ericsson Certs
    planning on getting Comptia Network + and Cisco CCNA certs soon

NeTorrey McGill
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