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In this case study, we delve into the successful transformation of a brand’s online presence through the development of a fully optimized and user-friendly website. The client, a prominent company in the Food Services sector, sought to upgrade their website to reflect their brand identity, incorporate innovative features from competitor sites, and achieve higher search engine rankings. The objective was to create an engaging platform that effectively showcased their products/services and maximized user satisfaction. This case study provides a detailed account of the strategies employed, challenges faced, and the final results achieved. 


Slick Greedy screenshot


Slick Greedy needed a site to operate as directory utilizing map functionality. We also needed he site to feature their merch line. A booking system was also needed. The site has a lot of nuances to include to make it as user friendly as possible. Slick Greedy wanted to create a platform to eventually rival yelp and even google in the food discovery space. Lofty aspirations, but as so we need to have scalability. Throughout the development process, we encountered several challenges, such as integration complexities, cross-device compatibility, and user accessibility. Our team tackled these challenges with innovation and perseverance. Rigorous testing and debugging procedures were implemented to ensure seamless functionality across various devices and browsers.


In conclusion, the comprehensive website development project allowed the client to establish a robust online presence, aligning with their brand identity and catering to their target audience effectively. By incorporating design elements from competitors, optimizing for speed and SEO, and customizing the WordPress platform with lightweight plugins, our team achieved outstanding results. The successful outcome of this case study emphasizes the significance of a user-centric and data-driven approach to website development, ultimately leading to a stronger brand and increased market competitiveness.


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The company saw a 75% increase in sales from the same time last year. We’re happy to say that we were able to help in the growth and development of the company. Helping with a new site as well as marketing efforts.

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Using some SEO optimization techniques we were able to drastically improve the speed up the site which also increases customer interaction and time spent on the site.

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The Company was totally pleases with the results in the end as we were able to help them reach some sought after goals and also helped them improve in areas that they weren’t anticipating.

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