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NeTorrey McGill

    Photoshop is my weapon of choice but I have experienc in Indesign, and Illustrator as well. I've created products for print, web and content for social media. Designing everything from business cards, cover art, photo touchups and more.


    I started off building websites in HTML from scratch. Most recently I have been building and editing sites and themes in WordPress and Shopify for myself and clients. With web design I make sure to use best practices to ensure user experience is pleasant. I also keep SEO in mind while building.


    Incorporating SEO practices into the sites that I build is imperative. I am currently enrolled in courses to expand my knowledge in the field to benefit myself as well as current and prospective clients.


    I have experience using Sony Vegas as well as Final Cut Pro. Still learning in this field personally, but i know enough to get basic tasks done.

  • WORK

    Freelance Artist

    15+ years experience

    Designing for restaurants, music artists, hair professionals, law firms and a vast selection of clients.


    Creator and CEO 2015 - Present

    Created the logos, web site and all product designs. Create mockups and all visual aspects of the brand

    Sebi's Daughters LLC

    E-Commerce Manager 2019-2022

    Rebuilt their website, created logo, product management, Helped increase brand awareness, controlled spam, B2C.

    Slick Greedy LLC

    Creator, CEO 2018 - Present
    Created the website, logo, branding, merch, advertising and everything associated with the site. Video Production credits on the Chef Conversation Series as well.

    Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes

    Graphic Designer 2010-2012

    Created cover art for a multitude of DJ's that were putting out projects under the Coast 2 Coast brand. Very fast paced and high volume turnaround required.


    Mott College

    Flint, MI

    Studied Computer Information Systems, Graphic Arts, Marketing and Techniques in writing.

    College for Creative Studies

    Detroit, MI

    Studied Industrial Design, CAD, 3D modeling using Catia and Professional Automotive Clay Modeling

  • Certifications

    • Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
    • Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing

NeTorrey McGill
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