Welcome to the NeTorreyis Design Department!
  • ZOD – Bread Mode Campaign

    Bread Mode Bread Mode is a song by artist ZOD. The song is typically talking about the grind and the hustle of trying to make something out of nothing.  The original cover art which showed a king type of vibe, but also breaking bread with his people. Also created long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies for …

  • NeTorreyis NBA2k24 Kobe Edition

    NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition

    2K COVER As an avid gamer and huge fan of the NBA2K franchise I decided to put my spin on a 2K24 cover featuring the Black Mamba himself.  For NBA 2K23 they took the liberty of making it a tribute to the GOAT himself, number 23 Michael Jordan. This is a play off of that …

  • Dentures Plus

    Dentures Plus was a site we created and also handled the promo material for the company, including brochures, banners, flyers and business cards.

  • Kyle Pitts Falcons

    Created a piece in the fashion of a sports card or a graphic that could be used on a sports show . Background is intentionally a darker setting to leave room to add text to display season stats or other info.

  • Chef Conversations

    Slick Greedy: Chef Conversations Chef VIPChef VIP featured on Slick Greedy: Chef ConversationsClick HereChef BluChef Blu featured on Slick Greedy: Chef ConversationsClick HereChef IndiaChef India on Slick Greedy: Chef ConversationsClick Here Previous Next In Slick Greedy Chef Conversations, we produced a show involving segments featuring up and coming chefs. We wanted to have an intimate …

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