Welcome to the NeTorreyis Design Department!


  1. We understand the importance of cover art in drawing initial interest. Our goal is to create movie posters that evoke emotions, convey the movie’s theme, and leave a lasting impression on viewers. We want our posters to become iconic representations of the films they promote.


This is a movie poster design for a movie from the mind of NeTorrey McGIll. We can’t divulge the details because he actually wants to start writing the script, but this is what we envisioned the movie poster would be like. The film stars Sam Jackson, Jefferey Dean Morgan, Selma Hayek and Y’Lan Noel.


This movie poster design represents a thrilling opportunity to combine our passion for movies with our design expertise. By achieving these goals, we will not only meet our client’s expectations but also elevate our skills, portfolio, and reputation in the world of cinematic art.

We look forward to embarking on this creative journey and delivering outstanding movie posters that make a lasting impact on the film industry.

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