Atlanta, GA


I have been recording for over 10yrs. Music is my passion. Creating is when I am the happiest. However life hasn’t made it as easy to balance the music and the everyday necessities in life. Right now I am being real strategic with my efforts and trying to make everything count seeing as I don’t have as much time as a lot of other artists. My latest release is BREAD MODE of the upcoming ZOD IS GOOD project. One of the things I want to accomplish with my music is just proving that good guys can win. Not saying I’m squeaky clean but I don’t want to promote or glamorize the negative. This is a stance I took a while ago after I noticed how much influence some of this music had on the youth…namely my nephew. I sacrificed a lot in order to be successful in music and I’ve come way too far to look back. The current trend seems to be stay independent because the industry screws you over. My frame of mind is if the deal is right. I’m with it. I’ve been doing this thing alone for a long time. I definitely wouldn’t mind a helping hand.

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  • Date: Dec 5, 2016
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