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I was always known as nice dresser and having a good eye for fashion. I’m not a stylist or anything I just know what I like. The collection is geared towards my taste in clothing. Clean designs. Nothing to gaudy that’ll play out easily. This is something that I’m working on but I’m taking my time because I dont want the brand to be like the countless other T-shirt lines out there. Quality is a must and I don’t want to release it until everything is up to par. This is not my first foray into this arena. I have created multiple designs that I sold around the Flint and Detroit area. It did marginally well.

FLIEXPORTS is a lifestyle brand. Our mission is to Ship Fli Goods to Fli people. FLIEXPORTS is a line built to supply those with a habit of staying FLI.. We focus on clean designs and quality products. We believe this is how you keep the customer coming back. You will commonly see what kicks we think may go well with some of the products we serve you. We are the No.1 exporter of FLI goods.


Project Info
  • Client:
  • Date: Feb 25, 2015
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