Atlanta, GA

Web Design

Studied HTML in college; Creating websites from text files. Later this skill helped me to Create, Edit and manipulate other designs and templates. Created and Creating a multitude of sites that will be branded under the NeTorreyis NeTwork. Stay Tuned.

Pro Tools Engineer

Studied Audio Engineering at the famed Stankonia Studios in Atlanta, GA. Certified Pro-Tools Engineer. Constantly working on improving upon mixing and mastering skills.

I'm not at the climax but I'm in it way too deep to pullout. The conception of a Don witness the birth of a new ZOD

Just something I came up with while I was working on page.


Born and raised in Flint, MI now resides in Atlanta, GA. Oldest of 3 siblings. Came up in a single parent home primarily. Attended College for a couple of years majoring in Computer Information Systems, Graphic Design and Business Law. Also attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit for Automotive Clay Modeling, Computer Aided and Industrial Design. Left his job at Chrysler and moved to Atlanta to pursue his music and entrepreneurship further. After losing mother a couple of years ago vowed to put the music into overdrive and continue to strive to make her proud.

Influenced by plenty of artist from as early as Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, The Wu Tang Clan, Redman, Sean Price, Biggie and Jay-Z.

Production wise finds inspiration from 70s Soul music. Also from producers like Alchemist, J Dilla, Havoc, early RZA, Just Blaze, Honorable CNote, Cardo and so many more.

Im influenced by comfort, quality and durability. My designs are typically clean and not too busy as I do not want them to play out. I focus on design that will be able to be enjoyed for years to come. I am a fan of Ralph Lauren designs and also what Vegas Jones is doing with the Roc Nation brand and Rick Williams of Distinct Life of Burn Rubber

MUSIC: Continue to focus on my music career as an artist and producer. Expand on the brand, put together a solid team of artists and producers. Also would not mind doing some A&R work or scouting talent for an established label.

FASHION: Looking to expand the FLIEXPORTS brand's product line. Will incorporate more high quality elements to the design. Also looking to collaborate with some footwear brands on designs and colorways.

GRAPHIC ARTS: Pulling away from freelance work as it takes too much time from other projects. I would be open to the right Creative Director position.

FILM: Would like to enter the film world as I have some different concepts that I would like to bring to life. I plan on writing and directing a short film in the near future.

MEDIA: Continue building the NeTorreyis NeTwork.

  • young-savv
    This is Dope! No really...I'm not just saying that just to say it! Hopefully you get this poppin by the time I come back to Atlanta!
    Young Savv / Vice President and A&R for Maybach Music Group
  • will-bearyman
    ZOD is super ahead of the game with Lyrical Wordplay over the hottest tracks! Bread Mode explains my current mood!
    W. Bearyman / Artist / Producer / Videographer
  • jack-frost
    I had the CD for a while..I was sleeping on it...Then when I listened I was like, WOW! I can't believe he's from Flint! Bro I really don't understand why you aren't signed yet!
    Jack Frost / Radio Personality
  • dlah
    Wow this is dope! Everybody is buggin over this cover art! And everyone is like yo! who is that?! You can't go too many places and get dope artwork, verses and beats from the same person lol!
    Dlah / Artist / Producer for Hellkeydoe – Future Chamber Ent.
  • juquan-williams
    Zod is not only one of the illest MCs from Flint, he's also a really cool guy in general. Hope this song is the first from his next album.
    J. Williams / Artist /Producer / Author / Illustrator
  • charlie-smith
    It was a pleasure working with you. I've been hearing about the Legend of ZOD. But Wow. You really came and proved the legend was true! You are an amazing artist!
    C. Smith / Recording Engineer / Instrumentalist
  • khalid-goynes
    Wow! I can't believe you're not signed yet. I'm telling you. You have a hit on your hands!
    K. Goynes / Former Bad Boy Street Team Leader
  • trent-moorman
    Dude you are a legend in Seattle!
    T. Moorman / Drummer and writer for Seattle Newspaper the Stranger
  • b-sharp
    I told them you rapped. She kind of looked like "yeah yeah". I was like NO he is NICE!! I swear the last verse of Nigga Like Me should be taught in a some college course!
    B. Hundley / Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer